Solid Waste Services

​Solid Waste Services offers curbside collection of garbage, recycling, yard waste and bulky waste for single-family residences and multi-family communities (apartments, condominiums and town homes) with fewer than 12 units within the City of Charlotte boundaries. Collection is also provided for businesses that generate fewer than 512 gallons of trash per week.

New Size Preparation For Recycling Cardboard

Solid Waste Services has updated the requirements for cardboard preparation. These updates were made in an effort to improve service quality for residents. The new preparation requirements will allow all recyclables to fall loosely into automated recycling trucks, improving the collection quality and process.

Cardboard Preparation Requirements :: Tear or cut cardboard into small pieces that will fit loosely into your cart. Please do not fold. Watch this video to make sure your cardboard is prepared properly for pick up. Cardboard Prep Video   

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