Solid Waste Services

​​​​​​2020 Recycling Collection Schedule 

If you would like the 2020 Recycling calendar, you may request a calendar to be emailed or mailed to you by submitting your requ​est​ to .  

Recycling collection is every-other-week.  Use the Geoportal to determine your collection week. The Geoportal is not accessible.

Step by step guide for Ge​​portal

1. Visit the Geoportal​ page.

2. Type in your home address at the top of the webpage where Tell me about... is located.

3. ​​Select your correct address. ​On the left side, select the fourth option titled​ Trash and Recycling.​ Once you have selected Trash and Recycling your trash and recycling collection day will appear, along with your recycling collection color. 

4. Once you are aware of your week designation, please follow the Recycling collection calendar below. ​

An asterisk​ * indicates an observed holiday. All collection services (recycling, garbage, yard waste and bulky waste) will operate on a one-day delay with Friday customers receiving service on Saturday.


January 2020

Green Week         Jan. 1-4
Orange Week       Jan. 5-11
Green Week         Jan. 12-18*
Orange Week       Jan. 19-25*
Green Week         Jan. 26-Feb. 1

February 2020

Orange Week       Feb. 2-8
Green Week         Feb. 9-15
Orange Week       Feb. 16-22
Green Week         Feb. 23-29

March 2020

Orange Week       Mar. 1-7
Green Week         Mar. 8-14
Orange Week       Mar. 15-21
Green Week         Mar. 22-28

Orange Week       Mar. 29-Apr. 4

April 2020
Green Week         Apr. 5-11
Orange Week       Apr. 12-18
Green Week         Apr. 19-25
Orange Week       Apr. 26-May 2

May 2020

Green Week         May 3-9
Orange Week       May 10-16
Green Week         May 17-23
Orange Week       May 24-30

June 2020

Green Week        May 31-Jun.6
Orange Week      Jun. 7-13
Green Week        Jun. 14-20
Orange Week      Jun. 21-27

July 2020

Green Week         June 28-July 4
Orange Week       Jul. 5-11
Green Week         Jul. 12-18
Orange Week       Jul. 19-25
Green Week         Jul. 26-Aug. 1

August 2020

Orange Week       Aug. 2-8
Green Week         Aug. 9-15
Orange Week       Aug. 16-22
Green Week         Aug. 23-29

                                                                                        September 2020

Orange Week       Aug. 30-Sep. 5
Green Week         Sep. 6-12
Orange Week       Sep. 13-19
Green Week         Sep. 20-26
Orange Week       Sep. 27-Oct. 3

October 2020

Green Week         Oct. 4-10
Orange Week       Oct. 11-17
Green Week         Oct. 18-24
Orange Week       Oct. 25-31

November 2020

Green Week         Nov. 1-7
Orange Week       Nov. 8-14
Green Week         Nov. 15-21
Orange Week       Nov. 22-28*

December 2020

Green Week         Nov. 29-Dec. 5
Orange Week       Dec. 6-12
Green Week         Dec. 13-19
Orange Week       Dec. 19-26*
Green Week         Dec. 27-Jan.2