Solid Waste Services

Item Preparation Quick Tips

Below are quick tips to item preparation. For detailed information, click on any of the services.

Garbage and yard waste collection services are provided weekly. Recycling collection service is provided every-other-week but on the same day as garbage and yard waste collection. Bulky waste collection is provided on the same day as other collection services but must be scheduled for collection - please call CharMeck 311 (704.336.7600) or schedule online.

All collection items need to be placed curbside no sooner than the day before your scheduled collection day and no later than 6:00 am day of collection.


  1. All garbage is bagged and there is no garbage outside the cart. Garbage outside the cart will not be collected.

  2. The garbage cart handle is facing the house and the lid is facing the street.

  3. The garbage cart is not on the sidewalk.

  4. The garbage cart is 3 feet away from all objects.


  1. All recyclables are loose in the cart. Recyclables should not be bagged.

  2. Ensure that there are no plastic bags, Styrofoam or plastic plates or cups in the cart. Plastic bags aren't accepted and should be recycled at local grocery stores. Styrofoam and plastic plates and cups should be thrown in the garbage.

  3. Tear cardboard into small pieces that will fit loosely into your cart. Please do not fold.

  4. The recycling cart is 3 feet away from all objects.

Yard Waste

  1. Cutting all tree limbs to 5 feet and making sure they are no bigger than 4 inches in diameter.

  2. Placing the yard waste close to the curb, 3 feet away from all objects.

  3. Separating the yard waste into piles no higher than 3 feet.

  4. Making sure the yard waste piles are 2 feet apart.

  5. Putting leaves and grass clippings in untied bags no larger than 32 gallons or in a reusable container that does not have a City logo on it. Bags will be collected and not left for reuse.

  6. Ensuring no dirt, mulch, and roots are in the yard waste because the City DOES NOT pick up these items.

Bulky Waste

  1. Calling CharMeck 311 to schedule pick up.

  2. Placing all items, directly in front of residence, close to the curb, 3 feet away from all objects.

  3. Empting all appliances and removing any doors on appliances.

  4. Placing tape in the shape of an X across entire TV screens or any glass.