Circular Charlotte

Circular Charlotte

​Circular Charlotte

Circular Charlotte is a multi-faceted approach to make Charlotte’s prosperous and innovative future realized. This approach will create hundreds of new jobs and generate millions of dollars in revenue.

To begin implementation of the Circular Charlotte strategy the City will focus efforts on four of the five business cases recommended in the Metabolic study:


  • The aversion of 41,186 in CO2e emissions by transforming concrete from demolition sites and powder created from discarded glass into new concrete, also creating new jobs.
  • The creation of 300 jobs by developing a circular industry based on feeding 50,000 tons of food waste to black soldier fly larvae, which can be converted into pellets to use as feed on North Carolina poultry farms;
  • The saving of 345,341 gallons of water by developing a closed-loop textiles chain for linens and uniforms used in hotels and hospitals, cutting demand for environmentally damaging cotton and polyester production and offering opportunities to work in a whole new industry;
  • The provision entrepreneurs (who might not otherwise be able to afford to develop their circular economy business ideas) with equipment, expert advice, and commercial feedback to develop circular economy business ideas at a startup incubator based at the Innovation Barn;




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