​Solid Waste Services Updates-October 21, 2020


In this week’s update:

  • Annual Benefits Enrollment Period

  • Mask Reminders

  • Flu Shots

  • Fall Celebration

  • Birthdays

Annual Enrollment Has Begun! :

It’s Annual Enrollment time! You can now make your benefit elections for the 2021 calendar year from now until November 10th. HR will be holding one-on-one appointments to assist with benefits enrollment on the following dates:

  • October 23 : 7am - 4pm
  • October 26 : 7am - 4pm
  • October 27 : 7am - 4pm

Please see a member of HR if you have any questions about annual enrollment.

Mask Reminders :

The mask mandate is still in effect. A few very important reminders regarding the use of face masks

  • Employees must wear a mask at all times while in the building.
  • Wear masks with two or more layers to stop the spread of COVID-19.
  • Wear the mask over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin.
  • If you need replacement masks please see your supervisor or the warehouse.

Flu Shots :

Flu shots will be available at Solid Waste Services on November 12th from 6:30am – 8:30am.  In the meantime, flu shots are currently provided at MyClinic for City health plan members. Visit https://member.ourhealth.org  or call 1-866-451-3467 to schedule an appointment if you want to get yours now.

Fall Celebration

We will have a SWS department Fall Celebration on Thursday, October 29.  Look for more details next week!

Birthdays This Week :

  • Harold Turner - 22th

  • Courtney Wilson - 23th

  • Anthony Ellerbe - 24th

  • Rory Pegram - 24th

  • Johnnie Howie - 26th

  • Xavier McConneyhead - 26th

  • William Gilbert - 28th

Solid Waste Services Updates-July 20, 2020

This week's update includes :

  • Director’s Q&A call

  • Premium Pay

  • Return to Office Date

  • Free Masks

  • Events this week

  • Vacation update

Director’s Q&A Call Thursday, July 23rd 9AM – We want to hear from you:

  • Please text any questions you may have concerning COVID-19, State Mandates, premium pay or anything else to the number you received this update from.  Questions will be addressed on the Director’s Call. 
  • You will receive directions for dialing into the call on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

Premium Pay :

  • Premium pay has been extended through August 7th.

Teleworking Return to Office Date Change

  • Staggered re-entry in the office has been adjusted to the week of August 24th for employees that are currently working from home.

Vacation Updates :

  • Last week we provided the new vacation blackout dates. Do you know them? Reply to this text with the new dates. The first 5 correct responses will receive a prize!

Free Masks :

  • Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools will be providing free masks on Friday’s at all schools that serve as a meal location.  A list of schools where you can obtain mask is available here: CMS FREE MASK LOCATIONS.


  • Jason Hammiel – 21st

  • Ryan Phillips – 21st

  • Richard Greene – 23rd

  • Reinel Sanchez Herrera – 24th

  • Wayne Stitt – 24th

Have an amazing week!