Hello Solid Waste Services -

Thank you all for your dedication to serving the residents of the City of Charlotte during these difficult times. Since the start of this virus, things change minute by minute and often require quick decisions on operational changes. Your flexibility is appreciated.

The purpose of transitioning to the one week on and one week on-call work schedule was ensure the safety of all employees and fully understand how to deal with COVID-19. Before returning to our regular work schedule, we needed to ensure we could provide the following ::

  • Personal protective equipment for all employees
  • Six-feet of social distance between all staff-(staggered shifts)
  • Clean work environments- (all of the equipment is sanitized daily)
  • New procedures and protocols- (temperature scans, contactless clock-in and packet distribution)
  • Sneeze guards for all rear loaders
  • Quality collection services with no future suspensions or delays

The governor is moving to phase two of his plan for the state of NC on Friday, May 22. It is time for us to transition back to work as well. Please keep the following information in mind ::

  • As of today, May 21, the biweekly work schedule has not ended yet.
  • Bi-weekly schedule will end on June 1st. Everyone is expected to report to work at your staggered scheduled time.
  • If you have not already, you will be contacted by your supervisor to come in during your on-call week due to the current work load. Remember, when you are on call, you should be available to answer your phone and ready to come to work.
  • All employees should arrive at work, using the staggered shifts currently in place, in full uniform, which includes work boots, uniform pants and shirt and a safety vest.
  • Temperature scans are a requirement before entering the building or proceeding to your vehicle.
  • Additional supplies and PPE are available upon request. Once you have everything you may need, please  proceed to your assigned vehicle.
  • Your packet with your assignment will be in your truck.

Your health and safety are the top priority. In addition to PPE, trucks are being disinfected by a third-party company daily and rear loaders have been retrofitted with sneeze guards. If you have any questions, text our director, Rodney Jamison, or respond directly to the number that sent you this link, or please contact HR   (704-353-0529) to discuss these concerns and your options. 

Thank you again for your dedication!