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Newell South neighborhood improvement phase 1

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​The Newell-South Neighborhood project is bounded between North Tryon Street, Orr Road, Rockland Road and West Rocky River Road. In November 2006, voters approved neighborhood improvement bonds for the planning and design of infrastructure improvements within the Newell-South Neighborhood. Approval of the 2010 Neighborhood Bonds allocated funding for construction of the Newell-South Neighborhood Improvement Project. ​

This project will include construction of 1.5 miles of sidewalk on one side of Owen Boulevard, Gray Drive, Creekstone Place, Blue Rock Drive and Rockland Drive. Stream restoration, retaining walls, storm drainage facilities, curb and gutter, planting strips, accesible ramps and street trees will also be included as part of this project. Phase 2 of the Toby Creek Greenway, built by Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation, is now complete and extends through the neighborhood at Rocky River Road and Rockland Drive. An overland connector is proposed along Rockland Drive. Once completed, the sidewalks within the neighborhood will provide a safe pedestrian connection to the greenway as well as the LYNX Blue Line.

  • ​​To implement infrastructure improvements that will enhance the quality of life in the neighborhood

  • To coordinate and collaborate selected infrastructure improvements with Newell-South residents, CDOT and Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation

  • To maximize the value of neighborhood improvements through effective project management that ensures schedule, budget and quality requirements are met 

Three public meetings took place during the planning phase in 2007 and 2008. The project was put on hold for 15 months awaiting the passage of voter-approved neighborhood​ improvement bonds in 2010, and more public meetings were held in 2011. 

After an extensive public input process, it was determined that the proposed improvements would include sidewalk on Owen Boulevard, Kemp Street, Gray Drive, Creekstone Place, Blue Rock Drive and Rockland Drive. The project will also include an overland connector on Rockland Drive and some curb and gutter and minor storm drainage improvements. 

During the real estate phase, discussions with property owners and further study and exploration by staff resulted in the need for additional storm water improvements to be added to the NIP project on Kemp Street. This storm water design is under way, and the project plans will be revised when the design is approved and accepted by the City. Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation is proposing to construct a portion of Toby Creek Greenway and Overland Connector parallel to Rockland Drive. This proposed greenway is also parallel to the proposed Newell South NIP sidewalk along Ro​ckland. To minimize impacts to this area, staff has decided to eliminate the NIP sidewalk along Rockland from Rocky River to Blue Rock. Safe pedestrian access in this area will be provided by the greenway/overland connector. Bidding the NIP project and utility relocation will follow approval of the additional Kemp Street storm drainage work, with construction currently to be determined based upon Storm Water Services approval.​​​

$3.72 million

​​​Please note this is the funding amount and includes all costs associated with the project such as planning and design, acquiring the right of way, utility relocation, consultant fees, construction, signalization, permits and landscaping.

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