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Idlewild Road widening

A 2002 and 2010 transportation bond project

Project phase


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​This project will widen sections of Idlewild from W.T. Harris to Valley Grove Road and from McAlpine Creek to Oak Drive. The section from Valley Grove Road to McAlpine Creek will be repaved and striped to accommodate a center turn lane and bike lanes. Additional improvements include left turn lanes, bicycle lanes, sidewalks and pedestrian refuges. 

Project history

The Idlewild Road widening project was one of several projects that received funding to begin planning only. A planning report, completed in October 2004, provided information on existing conditions, traffic analysis, project alternatives, recommended alternatives and citizen involvement among others. The report was revisited with anticipated funding on the way and City Staff presented additional alternatives to the public based on changes to the area. After careful consideration and input from citizens, alternate #2 was selected. Funding for real estate acquisition and construction was approved by voters in the 2010 transportation bond referendum.

​Planning and design phase

City staff planned and designed the improvements to Idlewild Road. These plans were based on safety, cost, benefits, traffic analysis and an extensive public involvement process that allowed citizens and nearby businesses to provide input at two public meetings. ​ 

  • To improve safety

  • To reduce congestion

  • To provide accommodations for pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users

  • To provide improvements that are sensitive to adjacent neighborhoods and land uses​

​The project team hosted public meetings during the planning phase to get feedback and comments from nearby residents and businesses.

​$​7.6 million

​​​Please note this is the funding amount and includes all costs associated with the project such as planning and design, acquiring the right of way, utility relocation, consultant fees, construction, signalization, permits and landscaping.



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