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​​I-277 Feasibility Study

The I-277 Feasibility Study is a follow up to the I-77/I-277 Loop Study that was completed in 2013. The Loop Study looked at the "circle" surrounding uptown Charlotte that included a portion of I-77 and all of I-277 (the John Belk and Brookshire Freeways). The Loop Study looked at how the increase in traffic volumes, combined with a high number of closely spaced interchanges and weaving sections, have resulted in safety and congestion being the primary concerns along the entire Loop. 

As a follow up to the Loop Study, the I-277 Feasibility Study will take a look at operational issues along I-277 between the Johnson Street and Mint Street overpasses, while excluding both interchanges with I-77. Those two freeway-to-freeway interchanges will be studied under another project that will consider improvements along I-77 from south of I-85 to the South Carolina state line. 

The study includes data collection, environmental screening, traffic analysis, conceptual designs, and cost estimates for incremental projects along the corridor. The City of Charlotte and NCDOT received comments on your I-277 experience through December 30, 2016.

Some comments that we have heard are:

  • Signing is inadequate;
  • There are too many locations where traffic getting on and off I-277 has to weave with other traffic in a very short distance;
  • Exit ramps are too close together;  
  • Traffic sometimes backs up onto the interstate from surface street traffic signals; and
  • Cyclists and pedestrians don't have appropriate accommodations on streets that go over or cross under I-277

Thank you for sharing your comments.


Tim Gibbs