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Beam Road roundabout at Shopton Road


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Beam Road at Shopton roundabout vicinity mapThis project will convert the existing four-way stop intersection into a single lane roundabout with sidewalk and bicycle accommodations. Improvements being considered include crosswalks, new sidewalk, planting strips, planted splitter islands, landscaping, street lighting, bike lanes and utility relocation.

​A roundabout design for the Beam Road and Shopton Road intersection is recommended by the project team for the following reasons:

  • Congestion during peak hours can be an issue at this intersection. This problem will only worsen as traffic increases over time. Roundabouts can move vehicles more quickly and efficiently through intersections.

  • Roundabouts are designed to cause drivers to reduce speeds.

  • By eliminating stopping and starting at the four-way stop during off-peak hours, operations will be  improved and automobile emissions will be reduced.

  • ​To reduce congestion and improve traffic flow 

  • To reduce vehicle idling time at the intersection

  • To improve air quality

  • To provide opportunities for street tree planting while protecting and incorporating existing trees

  • To improve street lighting 

​​A public meeting took place on December 4, 2014 at the Police & Fire Training Academy to get feedback and suggestions from nearby residents and businesses. Future meetings will be posted on this page and in the Citywide Events Calendar. View the "project documents" section of this page for presentations, minutes, maps and other information made available during the meeting. ​

This project is funded by the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality program and the CDOT Minor Roadway Program. The total project budget is $2.5 million, with 75 percent federal funding and 23 percent local match.


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