Water Transmission Mains Improvements & Repairs Progressive Design-Build Project
Project phase


 Project updates

  • Charlotte Water recently completed a Water Distribution System Master Plan, which identified improvements and repairs that are needed in order to optimize the function and resiliency of the existing transmission system.
  • These needed improvements and repairs have been grouped into eleven (11) projects alphabetically and can be placed into the following categories: (1) Pipe Condition Assessments and Critical Repairs, (2) Distribution System Pipe Connections, and (3) Complete Pipe Replacements. The improvements and repairs will not take place simultaneously. Below is an overview of the projects that a part of this improvements and repairs initiative:
    • Project A: Critical Repairs on the 24" from Franklin Water Treatment Plant (WTP) to Verhoff Dr. in Huntersville
    • Project B: Critical Repairs to the existing Old Steele Creek Rd. Valve Vault Improvements
    • Project C: Pipe Condition Assessment of the 24" from McDowell St. & 5th St. and crossing under Interstate 277 towards the Duke Energy Substation on Morrow St. This also includes an assessment of the 20" along McDowell St. between 5th St. and 6th St., and along 6th St. between McDowell St. and Myers St.
    • Project D: Distribution System Pipe Connections to connect the 30" to the 16" at the intersection of Carmel Road & Pineville-Matthews Rd.
    • Project E: Distribution System Pipe Connections to connect the 16" and the 24" at the intersection of Mallard Creek Rd., Mallard Creek Church, and Prosperity Church Rd.
    • Project F: Critical Repairs of the 54" approximately 1 mile north of the Franklin Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Reservoir along Plank Rd. This project has been completed.
    • Project G: Complete Pipe Replacements of the 16" from Brookshire Blvd. to Biddleville Neighborhood Park.
    • Project H: Pipe Condition Assessment  and potential replacement of the 20" from I77 along Cates St. to the Cedar/5th St. intersection
    • Project I: This project has been deleted.
    • Project J: Complete Pipe Replacements to remove the existing 24" and replace it with the 12" along Beatties Ford Rd. north from French Rd. to the Brookshire Blvd. bridge deck
    • Project K: Complete Pipe Replacements to connect the 20" along Greenleaf Ave. and Cedar St. into the 20" on Graham St. and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

What to expect

  • Crews surveying the project sites.
  • Drill rigs obtaining borings to classify underground soil and rock
  • Crews closing and opening of valves in the vicinity of the projects
  • Staging of construction equipment and materials
  • Large digging equipment and pipe installation
  • Periodic temporary water service outages may take place during the project work
  • Residents and businesses will be contacted in advance of any possible impact
  • Possible temporary roadway lane closures and detour routes as necessary
  • Paving, sidewalk, curb & gutter replacement, and general site restoration after projects  have been completed


  • Project A: 24" Repair at Harris
    • March 2021 – Nov. 2021
  • Project B:  Old Steele Creek Valve Vault
    • Nov. 2021 – Feb. 2022: COMPLETE
  • Project C: 24" Assessment
    • Jan. 2021 – March 2021: ON HOLD
  • Project D: 30" Connection at Carmel
    • Nov. 2021 – Dec. 2021 COMPLETE
  • Project E: 24" Connection at Mallard
    • Dec. 2021 – Jan. 2022
  • Project F: 54" Repair at Old Plank
    • Dec. 2020 – Jan. 2021: COMPLETE
  • Project G: 16" From Brookshire to Biddleville
    • Sept. 2021
  • Project H: 20" Assessments
    • March 2021 – May 2021
  • Project I: This project has been deleted.
  • Project J: Replace 24" on Beatties Ford
    • Sept. 2021 – Oct. 2021
  • Project K: Connect 20" from Greenleaf to Graham
    • Feb. 2021 – June 2021

​To optimize the function and resiliency of the City of Charlotte's existing water transmission system in several key areas around the city.

​Properties that will be directly impacted during project assessments will be contacted directly. 

To de determined.


 Project contacts

​Haley Cook
Engineering Project Manager
Charlotte Water