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  • Charlotte Water reinvests part of the money paid in water bills to replace and reline existing pipes in the oldest neighborhoods so that we can continue to provide high-quality drinking water and wastewater service as our city's infrastructure ages. Wastewater pipe in this area will be relined or replaced to serve you better.
  • Since 1997, more than 100 miles of wastewater pipe were rehabbed or replaced. 
  • Crews may:
    • Blow smoke into wastewater manholes to look for potential pipe breaks. You will receive a separate notification with instructions if this is required.
    • Insert new lining via manhole to extend life of wastewater pipe
    • Temporarily close roads to replace pipes as needed.
  • Past projects include the uptown area, the McMullen Creek basin (between Park Road, Carmel Road, and Sardis Road), Briar Creek, the Upper Little Sugar Creek basin (between Graham Street, South Boulevard, The Plaza, and Selwyn Avenue), and along numerous creeks and tributaries throughout the county.
  • Root Control is an ongoing project that identifies areas where tree roots are clogging wastewater pipes. Tree roots break wastewater pipes to soak up the water. We clear the tree roots by adding a herbicide foam that kills the root in the pipe without killing the tree. 

​​Properties that will be directly affected will be contacted at least twice before construction.​

​Approximately $14 Million a year.​


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