​​W.T. Harris Boulevard and Brookshire Boulevard classification study 

The City of Charlotte initiated a study to develop an overall plan for roadway classification of W.T. Harris Boulevard and Brookshire Boulevard that will affect motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists and development along the corridor over time. 

The results of the study will affect the following: 
  • speed limits
  • lane, median and sidewalk widths 
  • street lighting
  • driveway and street connection spacing
  • sidewalk and bicycle accommodation locations
  • pedestrian features such as intersection crosswalks, median refuges, pedestrian signals and mid-block crossings
  • bus stops
  • connectivity, including to greenways and trails
  • building setbacks and access 
The study was launched with input from a steering committee composed of community leaders and government agency representatives in January/February 2012. Public open houses introducing the study and the initial findings were held in June 2012. The recommendations of the study were presented in a final round of open houses in November 2012. Materials from these presentations are available for review. ​

Staff Contact: 

Will Washam
CDOT Bicycle Program Manager 

Project Documents:  ​

January/February 2012 Steering Committee Presentations:
W.T. Harris Boulevard
Brookshire Boulevard

June 2012 Open House Resources:

 November 2012 Open House Resources: