Upper Taggart Creek Wastewater Pipe Project


Project phase


 Project updates

  • Updates will be posted on this website and NextDoor.
  • The construction area will be beside the Upper Taggart Creek.
  • The Upper Taggart Creek Outfall is a wastewater pipe located in West Charlotte, near Billy Graham Parkway at Morris Field Drive. 
  • The wastewater pipe is 40 years old and requires upsizing due to the ongoing and predicted the future growth of the area. The anticipated length of the replacement line is approximately 6,400 feet.
  • To design the optimal route for this project, engineers have taken many factors into account including engineering specifications, human and environmental impacts, regulatory requirements, and budget. 


Phase                                                                          End Date

Planning                                                                      Complete 
Design/Permitting                                                     Complete
Property Easement Acquisition (Real Estate)        Complete
Bid                                                                                Complete
Construction                                                               May 2020 through Spring 2022  
Warranty                                                                     One year after construction

What to Expect:

  • Clearing – Trees, shrubs, bushes, and other vegetation within the construction easement area will be removed. Tree stumps will be removed and holes filled. Debris will be transported off-site. When and where possible, trees are preserved.
  • Pipe delivery and storage – Pipe is delivered and stored within the construction easements along the creek.
  • Establishing a safe work zone – Fencing will be put in place and pipes will be stabilized to prevent it from moving.
  • Trench digging (five to twenty feet deep)
  • Tunneling under major roads like Morris Field Drive and Wilkinson Boulevard.
  • Placing pipe and backfilling.
  • Customers may feel a rumble
    • Crews may remove rock formations by use of small blasting.
    • Areas along the alignment where blasting is required will be determined shortly after site clearing.   
    • Residents within a 500-foot radius of the blasting sites will be contacted.
    • Blasting is a standard construction procedure and all safety precautions will be taken.
    • Residents may hear a warning horn and feel a slight vibration or rumble similar to a slammed door or thunder.
  • Construction traffic (excavators, dump trucks) along the creek, within the easements or road right-of-way.

Project Documents

  • ​​Charlotte Water (CLTWater) will install a new wastewater pipe to provide for future wastewater needs.
  • Projects identified and budgeted through the Community Investment Plan. These include projects to serve growing service areas, enhancements at water and wastewater treatment plants and other facilities, and to reline/replace old pipes. The size of equipment and construction zones will vary.

​Properties directly affected by construction were contacted to discuss easement agreements. Areas near construction will be notified before construction. ​

​Estimated $16.7 million​