Upper McAlpine Creek Sanitary Sewer Project from Lawyers Road to Albemarle Road

​​​​​​From Lawyers Road to Albemarle Road​

Project phase


 Project updates

Charlotte Water is planning to install a new sanitary sewer to provide wastewater service for future development within the McAlpine Creek area and in the upstream areas including the adjacent Clear Creek Basin. The project will extend the 30" sewer being installed as part of the McAlpine Creek Relief Sewer - Phase 4 further upstream toward the Clear Creek Basin.

Consultants for Charlotte Water have been hired to evaluate the physical condition of the existing sewer system and construct a new sewer pipe to provide additional capacity. The initial study and design phases will include surveyors, engineers and related personnel and equipment working along the stream and existing sewer pipes and manholes. Construction of the new sewer pipe will not begin until late 2020. Additional information will be provided to the public and impacted property owners prior to construction.

  • This project is intended to meet the demands from increases in population and development and represents Charlotte Water's continued expansion of new wastewater pipes and upsizing existing pipes to increase system capacity. 
  • The purpose of the Upper McAlpine Creek Sanitary Sewer project is to increase the capacity of the existing gravity sewer system upstream of the McAlpine Creek Relief Sewer -Phase 4 project.  The project will extend along a tributary of McAlpine Creek from Lawyers Road to just south of Albemarle Road.  An existing gravity sewer currently provides wastewater service within the drainage basin.  The existing gravity sewer ranges in size from 8-inch to 15-inch in diameter.  This proposed project will either replace the existing system or install a parallel gravity sewer along this existing gravity sewer.  
Upper McAlpine Sanitary Sewer Project Map 
The blue line, highlighted in green, in the figure above shows the location of the existing gravity sewer. 

What to expect

  • Authorized representatives will perform surveying, field studies and smoke testing starting in August and continue into 2020.
  • Surveying: Survey crews locate existing above ground features, determine existing ground elevations and map out existing property boundaries and easements. Wooden stakes, brightly colored flagging, and paint marks may appear in your yard or on the street after a survey crew has worked.
  • Smoke testing: Crews may blow a non-toxic smoke into wastewater pipes to identify potential pipe cracks (where smoke escapes). Customers will be notified in advance.
  • Geotechnical study: Subcontractors may conduct subsurface investigations to determine the location of existing utilities as well as below grade soil and rock conditions along the pipe alignment.
  • CCTV study: A testing company will place a camera into the existing gravity sewer to record the conditions inside the pipe. The pipe will be accessed through the existing manholes that are along the sewer.​


  • Surveying, smoke testing, CCTV study and the geotechnical study will begin in August and continue into 2020.
  • Public tailgate meetings (in impacted neighborhoods) will take place in winter 2019.
  • Field review of lower McAlpine Sewer will be performed winter 2019.
  • Contacts will be made to all properties that require an easement in early 2020.
  • Construction will begin in late 2020. Construction schedules are subject to change, due to weather and other conditions.
  • Completion: Early 2022

​Charlotte Water will keep residents updated at each stage of this project. In winter 2019, we will host a series of tailgate meetings, in which the project team will set up meetings at key locations within impacted neighborhoods, to answer questions and provide project updates.  ​



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