Toby Creek Outfall Project


Project phase


 Project updates

  • This Project involves replacement of the main sewer line ("Outfall") running along Toby Creek.
  • This Project is needed due to aging sewer infrastructure in the Toby Creek drainage basin.
  • In addition, the pipelines are experiencing additional flows due to rapid growth, which results in the need to increase sanitary sewer capacity.
  • The new sanitary sewer outfall will be designed and constructed within the project corridor to address current and projected sewer demands. 
What to expect
  • For the planning and surveying phase, surveyors and engineers will gather information along the project corridor.  This information will be used to determine the limits of construction and location of the sewer line.
  • This website will be updated as more is known about the scope and schedule of the project. 
  • Project planning begins May 2019.
  • Project planning and design expected to take one year or more.



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