Upper Little Sugar Creek Sewer Replacement

​​(Bilmark Road to Spring Garden Lane)

Project phase


 Project updates

Charlotte Water is replacing wastewater pipe beside Upper Little Sugar Creek (Bilmark Road to Spring Garden Lane) that conveys community wastewater to the nearest wastewater treatment plant. CLTWater recently completed installing new wastewater pipe between Wellingford Road and Bilmark Road.

Why is this project necessary? Existing pipes that serve the area are sagging which may lead to more odors and overflows. Charlotte Water responded to wastewater overflows in the area in recent years. If you see or suspect an overflow out of a manhole, please call 311.


Phase                                                                                     End Date

Planning                                                                                 Ongoing 
Design/Permitting                                                                Ongoing
Property Easement Acquisition (Real Estate)                  Ongoing
Bid                                                                                           TBD 
Construction                                                                          April 2019 - October 2019 

Project Documents

​Please see overview. ​

​Properties that will be directly affected by construction have easement agreements which were approved by property owners.​


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