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​Watch a recording of the virtual public meeting held on August 4, 2022

​Okay we are recording, so um thank you everyone for joining this evening. Um we are here for the rezoning considerations for Charlotte Fire Department Firehouse number 11 replacement. This is the public meeting prior to the... as a part of the rezoning process for this property. My name is Emily Blackwell Show. I am the landscape architect with Stewart and the project manager on the design side and kind of leading the rezoning process on behalf of the city and the fire department.

Um, Boomerang design we have Rob Buckanavage with us today. He is the architect who will be uh working through the the architectural design of the new firehouse, which we will talk about in just a few minutes. We also have staff from the City of Charlotte General Services. Jonathan Sossaman is here on behalf of that group as well as we have Charlotte Fire Department represented by Fire Chief Johnson as well as Chief Winkles in case any questions come up that need to be directed to them.

For the agenda this evening it's uh we have a pretty short presentation but do you want to walk through things so you know what to expect. We'll have a welcome in just a moment. I'm going to go through the site overview to give you a little understanding of where where this firehouse is and then talk about what's proposed for the site um and then also Rob Buckanavage from Boomerang will talk about the future firehouse building and then I'll wrap up by talking about the overall rezoning schedule and then open we'll have open forum to see if anyone needs to have any questions answered or want some more information about this process. So right now we will have welcome by Larken Egleston. He is the District 1 City Council member so if you got an invitation from this for this meeting because you live near the firehouse he is likely your current city councilman. Larken, would you like to say a few words? Sure and I'll be brief. Um thank you for the invitation. Glad to be here. Um obviously this is an investment that is much needed in a corridor that is seeing lots of new investment and that that can be a good thing. We also realize the challenges that come with um some of the gentrification we're seeing in that area. But we know that there are strong communities in the north end and want to make sure that they are looked after and taken care of and we want to make sure that the folks who are looking after and taking care of them in our Charlotte Fire Department have the facilities and the resources and tools that they need to do the best job that they can for those communities in the north end. And so I'm excited to see us replacing what is an outdated and antiquated facility with something modern and new and meets the needs of the community and meets the needs of our fire department and so very eager to see this come to fruition and um looking forward to getting more information about it tonight so thank you for having me. Thanks for joining us.

So if you're not familiar with exactly where this firehouse is, it is located on West 28th Street. you can see kind of the 277 loop here the railroad corridors North Graham Street and then this star represents where the firehouse is in this image. Um we're kind of zoomed in here on the right and you can see the West 28th Street Graham Street right here so quite very close to that intersection. Um the there are currently two buildings on the site. The existing firehouse and then a secondary building that is currently being used for storage of additional supplies. Some antique fire equipment and um another thing so that um move to the next one so you can kind of see the the red building is the existing firehouse that will be removed as a part of this project and then the green building is that storage building that is going to remain um like uh Councilman Egleston said, this uh building is no longer serving the needs of the firehouse at this location but they do want to keep it on this 28th Street location rather than moving it to a new site so that is the the current plan and we'll show you those in just a second. Um one of the things to note the reason we're going through a rezoning is that with the the new building it will be slightly larger than the current building and it starts to there's thresholds when you're building within a residential zoning, which this currently is where a government building cannot exceed 12,500 square feet and that this new building will exceed that square footage and is putting us into uh out of compliance of the current zoning so we're going to be reason so that's the prompting for the rezoning here. Um so this is the plan for the new fire station. You can see the building on the right is the existing building to remain. Um the new one is very similar shaped in to the existing one with the truck bays on the right side and the living quarters office space all those kitchen all those other uses that are part of a firehouse on the left. This image here does show you that fire trucks would come in off of Bancroft Street would pull in the back of the firehouse and then be able to pull out the front so that there will be additional parking in the back as well as dumpster and other kind of service usage we are planning on screening from the adjacent single family homes. I do want to note that that is specifically stated in our rezoning documents and and these trees here are planning to be to remain if they for whatever reason during development they cannot remain they will be replaced. There will also be additional um street plantings. There's a sidewalk that is so there are streetscape improvements that will be a part of this project.

And the just to note the new zoning is a neighborhood services the current zoning is is R-3 residential neighborhood services is kind of a mixed-use zone that is predominantly used for these types of service facilities and it is a conditional rezoning, which is why we're having this meeting this evening.

At this point Rob if you want to step in and talk a little bit more about the building. Sure, thanks Emily. Um yeah I'm Rob Buckanavage with Boomerang Design. I've been uh working on this uh conceptual plans for the fire station for several months with the City of Charlotte Fire. These are very early early conceptual plans so the goal of our exercise right now is to finalize the program of spaces and where they are located in the building. As Emily stated, this will be a two-story building. Um the first floor will have the four four bays which will be very different from the existing fire station which only has two two bays or three bays yet but they are very narrow bays the existing station these bays will allow for all their storage of their apparatus that need to be in there along with their rescue equipment. Um to the left of the plan of the apparatus bay will be a lot of will be the entrance and circulation vertical circulation um and a lot of the storage for their equipment in terms of their gear as well as some of the mechanical and electrical and rooms that will support the building exercise room will be in the back of the building so that it is on the ground floor with access to the rear yard of the building . I'm gonna go to the next slide.

The uh second floor will be directly above obviously um circulation coming up on the front stair um kind of organize the building with the day spaces. Um in terms of the day room, kitchen dining will be in the front along with some of their office spaces uh kind of the great area in the middle of the plan will be their restroom uh uh lockers and shower areas and then the blue colored spaces would be the night night time bunk area and bedroom spaces. So this is fire fire house 11 is a rescue station which sets them apart from other stations around the county or the city. They have an additional crew that's there, so they have a number of additional requirements um with this station that are above and beyond other standard stations in the city.

That's about it.

That is the bulk of what we know so far about how this site will develop. We are, like Rob said, we are very preliminary stages after this re-zooming. The project will move into detailed design and items will get flushed out and more of the site will be developed or the building would be developed and had tor construction documents permitting and all those things, but right now we are focusing on the the rezoning and so you have the virtual public meeting which we're here doing tonight. Um in a couple of weeks we will be having a public hearing at the Charlotte City Council meeting, so if you're not familiar with the rezoning process, we have this public meeting that we're having tonight that invites the local property owners to hear about the project. Once we've had that and we'll submit a report of this meeting to the rezoning website basically that goes to the city council for review and then until on Monday August 15th the public hearing council meeting will be a place where if you have anything you would like to address the city council regarding this project you can sign up to speak that evening. That's your your main size tonight that's your main opportunity to voice any any thoughts about the project. After that we will be meeting with the zoning committee on August 30th to hear their review of the project and any concerns. If anything comes out of those two meetings or out of tonight's meeting that affect what we've submitted and what's being planned that will be incorporated into an updated site plan which will be resubmitted before September 19th. So September 19th is when this project would go to the city council meeting for a rezoning decision where they will actually vote whether this rezoning from residential 3 to neighborhood services is would be approved. So that's kind of the breakdown of how this process works. Feel free to to ask any questions about that.

Because we are now at the open forum I do want to state that if you um this project is going to go to the Arts and Science Council for some additional involvement as it moves forward so if you have any interest in being involved from that perspective um please contact Jonathan's awesome and his contact information is on the screen or if you have any follow-up questions after tonight you can also contact him. So at this point we will open up the forum and uh we can even allow anybody on here to to speak um and if anybody has any questions you are able and all of the attendees are now able to to speak if you want to just talk in general or if there's any other panelists that want to share any additional information.

Can you discuss the screenings that are around the properties that are to the side and behind a little please? Um yes we do not we have not gotten to like I said detailed design um but adjacent to the single family properties which are these two to the north we will be doing vegetative screening um so there will be evergreen plantings there we have not gotten to that level of design but we have agreed to to install those as a part of the rezoning. I think we would probably have done that anyway um just to be a good neighbor um but and this this gray box does show um the built up the potential build out of the site of basically the extent of anything that could be built on um it does not necessarily mean that all of that property will be um built or paved. There will be additional plantings on the site for parking lot coverage street trees and like.

That question it does thank you. It also looks like in the drawing that these um this everything of course is staying within the current boundaries of all the parcel IDs does that look the same or is that additional? No no the parcel is not changing. Okay thank you.

Any other questions or any panelists want to share any thoughts?

A right well that being said we will close out the meeting. We are going to be saving this we i mean this uh recording um and the website um that was on the flyer you were sent will have the location that same website will be where that video is able to be viewed.

Right thanks everyone. Thank you very much

Thank you.


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​Firehouse #11, located at 628 West 28th Street, was originally built in the 1950s. The outdated building will be replaced with a modern, state-of-the-art facility that is better equipped to serve the surrounding community. 

A re-zoning of the site (#RZP-2022-014) is needed to accommodate the new, larger facility. 

This project is in advanced planning & design and is not yet funded for implementation. Projects in advanced planning are high-priority projects that are identified as candidates for potential future funding. This process of planning and design, which typically takes 12 to 18 months, will eventually produce a cost estimate and will be considered for inclusion in a future budget. Learn more about the Advanced Planning & Design Program.

​To provide the surrounding community with a modern facility that accommodates a fire team, a rescue team and houses  state-of-the-art equipment.

​The project team is hosting a public meeting on August 2, 2022 to share information about the project and explain the next steps.

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Funding is currently available for advance planning only. Future funding is to be determined.


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