Arterial Corridor Study - South Boulevard & South Tryon Street ​

The City of Charlotte has completed a study of the South Boulevard and South Tryon Street corridors from Carson Street to Clanton Road. These growth corridors provide a key transportation link from Uptown to nearby neighborhoods including South End, Dilworth, and Wilmore. Many apartment buildings and businesses have been constructed along these corridors over the past several years, and the demands on the transportation system in this part of the city continue to evolve.

The recommendations of the South Boulevard and South Tryon Street Corridor Studies were developed over the course of 15 months with extensive input from local residents, businesses, and non-profits. The recommendations include wide sidewalks, new pedestrian crossings, improvements to the Blue Line Rail Trail, bicycle boulevards, and a long term vision for raised/separated bike lanes on both corridors. (See the Final Report and Recommendations link at right for additional information.)


Charlotte City Council has set aside $6 Million in funding for corridor study implementation. That funding will be used to implement the near term recommendations of several corridor studies, including the South Boulevard and South Tryon Street Corridor Studies. These recommendations will also be incorporated into the South End Vision Plan, which is a collaboration between the City of Charlotte and Charlotte Center City Partners. You can read more about the South End Vision Plan at:

Other Corridor Studies

The City of Charlotte is conducting several multimodal planning studies to enhance pedestrian and bicycle travel on portions of arterials (thoroughfares) in Charlotte. The studies evaluate existing conditions, identify deficiencies and make recommendations to improve the safety, ease of walking and biking along and across busy streets. The primary funding source for these studies is a Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) Planning grant that provides 80% federal funds ($200,000) and a required 20% local match ($50,000).

Other Studies include:

South Boulevard & South Tryon Street ​​

 South Boulevard & South Tryon Street ​​