Skybrook Water Main Transition
Project phase


 Project updates

​At the time the Skybrook North neighborhood was constructed, there was no way to connect homes to the Charlotte Water infrastructure and, so a temporary connection to the City of Concord water infrastructure was created to serve the neighborhood. During this time, customers have been receiving a CLTWater billing statement, but receiving water from the City of Concord. Over the past two years, there has been a water main installed in the neighboring area that now allows CLTWater to deliver drinking water to the Skybrook North neighborhood. CLTWater plans to transition the neighborhood from the City of Concord drinking water to CLTWater drinking water. 

​The goal of this project is to transition the neighborhood from City of Concord drinking water to Charlotte Water drinking water.

​Areas near construction activities will be notified in advance. If there is an unplanned water outage, crews will work to fix it immediately.