​​​​​​​​Sidewalk and Pedestrian Safety Program

Part of the Capital Investment Plan

Program overview

The Capital Investment Plan includes funding for the Sidewalk and Pedestrian Safety Program to address ongoing pedestrian safety issues for the more than 870,000 current residents. Guided by City Council’s adopted Sidewalk Retrofit Policy, those funds will be used to construct 10 to 12 miles of new sidewalks and to support the City’s goal of constructing 15 new pedestrian crossings per year.

Charlotte has experienced dramatic growth over the past 70 years. During that time, transportation policy in Charlotte focused on providing quick and easy access to automobiles. Sidewalks and pedestrian safety were not a significant part of the City’s transportation strategy.

In the late 1990s that changed, and the City of Charlotte shifted its transportation focus toward creating “Complete Streets” that accommodate all types of users of all different abilities – whether ​on foot, on a bike, in a bus or in a car.

As a part of that policy shift, the Sidewalk & Pedestrian Safety Program was created to build new sidewalks and pedestrian crossings that make Charlotte’s streets and neighborhoods safer and more attractive for walking. The program has constructed more than100 miles of new sidewalks since 2002, improving pedestrian safety and offering citizens a healthy and attractive alternative to travel by car.

Program funding and cost information

$75 million

  • Voter-approved transportation improvement bonds ($15 million each in 2014 and 2016)
  • Voter-approved transportation improvement bonds ($30​ million in 2018)
  • Proposed transportation improvement bonds ($15 million in 2020)


​​Program contacts

Erin Pratt, PE

Senior Engineering Project Manager
Charlotte Department of Transportation


Rebecca Chambers, PE
Engineering Program Manager
General Services

Dan Leaver, PE, Assoc. DBIA
Transportation Program Manager
General Services

Additional resources

​Other sidewalk projects

Provide sidewalk on the north side of Alleghany Avenue with pavement re-stripi​ng to provide bike lanes from Wilkinson Boulevard to Ashley Road.​ The total project length is 1.2 miles.

Budget: $2.25 million
Construction: Restriping - Complete by late 2022

​Install .11 miles of new sidewalk along the north side of Kennon Street between Hawthorne Lane and Thomas Avenue.

Budget: $630,000
Construction: Complete July 2022

Provides new sidewalk along the south side of West Mallard Creek Church Road from Mallard Creek Road to Claude Freeman Drive (approximately .6 miles). The project will fill a sidewalk gap that exists along a major thoroughfare and provide safer walking conditions for nearby residents and businesses.

Budget: $3.485 million
Construction: To be determined

​Construct a half mile of new sidewalk along the south side of Margaret Wallace Road from Campbell Creek to Old Gate Drive in order to improve pedestrian access along the corridor.

Budget: $1.92 million
Construction: Complete June 2022

​This project will install sidewalk along NC51/Pineville-Matthews ​Road between Echo Forest Drive and Alexander Road, as well as along Alexander Road between NC51/Pineville-Matthews Road and Lost Oak Road.

Budget: $4 million
Construction: Complete by late 2022

​This project will install approximately .5 miles of sidewalk along Old Providence Road between English Meadows​​ Lane to Lancer Drive and will include storm drainage improvements.

Budget: $1.3 million
Construction: Complete by late 2021

​Install 1,100 feet of sidewalk, along with storm drainage and curb & gutter, along Pleasant Grove Road from Hipp Road to Oakdale Elementary School. This project will fill a critical gap in the sidewalk network.

Budget: $1.35 million
Construction: Complete by late 2022

Install a 6-foot-wide sidewalk with an 8-foot-wide planting strip along the north side of Sharon Road from Bramwyck Drive to Chandworth Road.​

Budget: $1.25 million
Construction: Complete by late 2022

This project will install sidewalks in small gaps as well as accessible ramps throughout Charlotte.​