Sherwood Forest Water Pipe Replacement


Project phase


 Project updates

  • Replacing 2-inch and smaller galvanized pipe to reduce potential leaks.
  • Crews will dig in the street to install a new pipe on the streets listed on the map.
  • Under Construction
    • February 2021 through April 2021
      • Brook Forest Lane
      • Burleigh Street
      • Hardwick Road
    • Upcoming
      • Deveron Drive
      • Grosner Place
      • Nottingham Drive
      • Stafford Circle will be coordinated with The Water Oak Drainage Improvement Project.
    • Completed
      • Hargett Court
      • King Owen Court
      • Shady Bluff Drive
      • Circlewood Drive
      • Worcaster Place
      • Allendale Place and Finsbury Place were completed in October 2017.
      • Charmapeg Avenue, Roselawn Place, Havilon Court, Briarpatch Lane, Emory Lane, and Chaplin Lane were completed in January 2019
  • Customers can apply for an irrigation connection online.
  • During Construction - Construction can be loud, dirty, and inconvenient. Crews will be using heavy equipment and storing materials on-site. Construction will take place beside the road in the road right-of-way. Any damages due to construction will be restored. Please be aware of your surroundings near the construction site and report any safety concerns to the project inspector as soon as possible.
  • Property Access (Driveway) - Construction activities will take place within the street right-of-way. However, driveway and sidewalk access may be limited at times. If you need assistance, please talk to the contractor or call the project inspector.
  • Please alert us to the invisible fence, irrigation systems, and other underground improvements to your home near the street.
  • Lane Closures and Street Parking - Street Parking may be restricted when construction is in the immediate area. Flaggers will help drivers navigate around any lane closures.
  • Planned Water Outages - Staff will notify affected customers of planned water outages 72-hours in advance. Any unplanned water outages are considered emergencies and will be repaired as soon as possible.
    • Discolored Water is Possible - Construction may cause temporary cloudy, discolored water or lower than usual pressure. If you experience some discoloration in your water:
      • Run the cold water from your outside spigot or tub for 15 minutes.
      • When the water runs clear, run cold water through any taps where discolored water is present.
      • If not clear, call 311 to report issues.
  • Flowing Hydrants - Residents may see water flowing from hydrants as part of construction activities.
  • Restoration - Crews will complete a temporary restoration of anything disturbed by construction. The final restoration may occur after completing a phase or the entire project. Our project inspector can assist with restoration questions. Properties that lose grass during construction will be reseeded and covered with straw.

​​Areas near construction were notified before construction. There will be planned water outages to move customer’s services to new pipes. Property owners will be notified in advance. If there are unplanned water outage, crews will work to fix it immediately.​​

  • $180,000 for Finsbury and Allendale streets.
  • $190,000 for Shady Bluff Drive, Circlewood Drive, and Worcaster Place.
  • Estimated $108,800 for Hargett Court and King Owen Court.
  • $147,000 for Burleigh Street, Hardwick Road, and Brook Forest Lane