Sharon Amity and Castleton Road Study

The City of Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) conducted a safety study at the intersection of Sharon Amity Road and Castleton Road and surrounding intersections. The study's purpose was to evaluate the community's safety concerns. In addition, the City took this opportunity to review pedestrian and bicyclist mobility in this area. The study's findings identified potential modifications to address the safety concerns.

Project update 

The study area included the intersections of Castleton Road and Craig Avenue along Sharon Amity Road. Based on the evaluation of this area, measures were taken to increase intersection visibility, reduce speeds and improve sight distance. The Craig Avenue and Castleton Road evaluations did not support further modifications at this time. The City will continue to monitor these intersections.

Addressing community concerns 

Below are the concerns expressed by area residents. Staff identified opportunities to provide enhancements during the evaluation and implemented modifications.

Completed steps

These are the steps CDOT has taken in the evaluation of the area road network to address the communities concerns to date:

  • Performed an initial field investigation and developed a safety report at councils request
  • Completed a signal warrant analysis at Castleton Road and Craig Avenue
  • Met with neighborhood leaders to discuss the community's safety concerns
  • Evaluated specific concerns
  • Developed an implementation plan to address community concerns
  • Held a community meeting to better understand citizens' concerns. Summarized comments, questions and responses.
  • Conducted a citizen survey​
  • Evaluated toolbox for potential intersection modifications for four-lane undivided streets
  • Developed pro's and con's of a traffic signal with left turns handout
  • Implemented modifications
  • Conducted a post evaluation of site modifications
  • Prepared final evaluation​ report

Next steps