Rea Road Widening (from I-485 to Williams Pond Lane)
Project phase


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​This project will increase capacity along Rea Road by utilizing the right turn lane drops and median to develop an additional northbound and southbound through-lane along Rea Road between the ramps at I-485 and Williams Pond Lane.This project will also increase turn-lane capacity and improve the intersection at Piper Station Drive and Ballantyne Commons Parkway. Pedestrian safety and mobility will also be maintained by providing sidewalks on both sides of Rea Road. Other specific improvements include curb and gutter, accessible ramps and driveways.

  • To increase capacity along Rea Road

  • To maintain pedestrian safety and mobility​

Once funding is secured, the project team will host a virtual public meeting to share information about the project.

​To be determined

Funding is currently available for advanced planning only and is not yet funded for implementation. Projects in advanced planning are high-priority projects that are identified as candidates for potential future funding. This process, which typically takes 12 to 18 months, will eventually produce a cost estimate and will be considered for inclusion in a future budget. Learn more about the Advanced Planning Program.

​Map of project area

Aerial satellite view of project area along Rea Road between the I-485 ramp to William Pond Lane


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