Northeast Water Main Replacement Project
Project phase


 Project updates

  • Through the analysis of water distribution systems in Charlotte, CLTWater has identified 12 East Charlotte neighborhoods that require water main replacements to better serve residents. The focus of the project is to replace the water mains in the identified areas but also may include other critical repairs discovered during the project.

  • The Design-Build Team has divided the impacted neighborhoods by size and geography into three phases for both Design and Construction.
What To Expect
  • Planning & Design
    • CLTWater will conduct field investigations as part of the Northeast Water Main Replacement Project that will ensure service to the 12 identified East Charlotte neighborhoods.
    • Authorized personnel will be in the neighborhoods working on behalf of CLTWater and will be working on or near residential properties on one or more occasion during the investigation and design phase of the project.
    • During the planning & design period, it may be necessary for representatives to enter upon residential properties to access manholes, perform surveys, perform soil borings for geotechnical evaluation and conduct additional investigations if necessary. These activities should not inconvenience residents in any way.
    • All field crew are instructed to wear identifying clothing (i.e. a companies’ logo) to identify themselves. In addition to personnel, residents may see minor clearing activities in the area, survey stakes/flags, paint markings on the ground, and small machinery used for geotechnical borings. A list of companies involved with this project s included below:
      • RH Price
      • Stantec
      • Stewart Engineering
Project Schedule (Design)
  • Phase I: Summer 2023 Summer 2025 (Hidden Valley, Branch Hill, Lower Noda)
  • Phase II: Fall 2023 Fall 2025 (Grove Park, Chestnut Commons, Rosecroft, Oak Forest (North), Hampshire Hills, Citiside
  • Phase III: Winter 2023 Winter 2025 (Oak Forest (South), Shamrock Hills, Shannon Park

  • ​The goal of the Northeast Water Main Replacement Project is to replace the water mains in the identified 12 neighborhood areas to better serve residents.

To be determined.