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Charlotte voters approved Community Investment Plan bonds in the last three bond cycles (2014, 2016 and 2018) to improve infrastructure and leverage private investment throughout the city. Additional bonds will be voted on in 2018. Among the areas receiving infrastructure improvements is the North Tryon Street​ Gateway in the Applied Innovation Corridor's North End.

The intersection of North Tryon Street and 11th Street is a gateway between Uptown Charlotte and the businesses and neighborhoods in North End. Based on community feedback and available funding, we are making the following improvements are underway:

  • Improved lighting under existing railroad and I-277 bridges

  • Implementation of new lighting under 12th Street Bridge

  • New pedestrian lighting and upgrades to existing pedestrian lights and implementation of new street trees along North Tryon Street from Dalton Avenue to 11th Street

  • Landscaping and cleanup near I-277, 12th Street, and the railroad bridges near North Church Street/East 13th Street and 16th Street

  • Landscaping and hardscape features to the southwest corner of North Tryon Street and East 13th Street, including shifting the bus stop​

Another City project, the North Tryon Street business corridor, begins at Dalton Avenue and extends to 30th Street. Project amenities being implemented include crosswalks, sidewalks, planting strips, decorative lighting and bicycle lanes. The project is currently in construction. 

  • ​To provide an improved pedestrian environment on North Tryon Street​

  • To provide a better walking environment between uptown and the North End

  • To create a gateway into ​the North End

​In May 2017, we asked the community to rank their preferences for improvements in this area. The top three priorities of the community were:

  1. Improving safety for pedestrians under the railroad overpass, such as added lighting

  2. Improving aesthetics of the railroad overpass through possible additions of aesthetic lighting, landscaping, art or paint

  3. Adding pedestrian lighting (over sidewalk) along North Tryon Street

Another public meeting was held in July 2018 to gain additional feedback. Improvements being implemented are based on these rankings.

​To ​be determined

​​​​​​The Capital Investment Plan approved by City Council in 2013 calls for voters to consider approval of funding for a number of infrastructure programs. Voters approved bond financing in 2014, 2016 and 2018 and will vote on further bond financing in 2020. For this project, City staff engages the community to determine the details of what will ultimately be built. Once these details are known, the cost of the project is estimated and published. Learn more about the Capital Investment Plan at​


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