Part of the Capital Investment Plan

Program overview

The Neighborhood Transportation Program is a bond-funded program that represents multiple strategic projects designed to improve pedestrian, cyclist and motorist safety and mobility. The program allows the City the flexibility to respond to community transportation issues and opportunities. Through its projects, the program can positively impact traffic safety, traffic congestion, bicycle safety and mobility, connectivity and traffic calming both in neighborhoods and on thoroughfares. Projects are identified through data collection, field observation, residents’ requests and Citywide community engagement efforts. 

The program also enables the City to partner with other public and private entities to produce a project that serves all transportation modes – cars, pedestrian and bicyclists. This is accomplished by leveraging opportunities with private development to create an enhanced transportation network beyond the basic developer required improvements, and participate on state-funded projects ensuring a final project consistent with City design standards.

February 2022 update

All three projects in this program are complete and in the warranty phase. ​All work is guaranteed by ​​the contractor for a minimum of one year. During this time, General Services will perform inspections of the project area at the 6- and 11-month marks in order to identify any defects the contractor should correct at no cost before final acceptance of the project by the City at the end of the one-year warranty period.​


Program funding and cost information

$10.2 million

  • Voter-approved public improvement bonds ($5.2 million in 2014 and $5 million in 2016)

​​​Please note this is the funding amount and includes all costs associated with the project such as planning and design, acquiring the right of way, utility relocation, consultant fees, construction, signalization, permits and landscaping.

​Program contacts

Becky Chambers, PE
Program Manager
In-House Planning and Design
General Services

Ashley Landis, PE, LEED AP
Design Section Manager
Charlotte Department of Transportation


  • Left turn lane extension at Albemarle Road and Harrisburg Road - COMPLETE

  • Left turn lane extension at Wilkinson Boulevard and Old Steele Creek Road - COMPLETE