Morningside Drive and Central Avenue Drinking Water Pipe Improvement Project


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​The project will rehabilitate drinking water pipe, replace all old valves and hydrants, and renew any remaining galvanized service lines.  ​​​​

​Areas near construction will be notified before construction. There will be planned water outages to move customer’s service. Property owners will be notified in advance. If there is an unplanned water outage, crews will work to fix it immediately.​​​​


Frequently Asked Questions

Will pressure be the same on an above ground service line?
It is likely that you could notice slightly lower water pressure.

Will I be without water?
Our goal is to minimize disruptions to you. You will be notified of planned water outages 72 hours in advance and any unplanned water outages will be treated as an emergency.

Why are hydrants running?
Charlotte Water uses hydrants to test and flow water. This is a normal part of the construction, repairs, and preventative maintenance.

What should I do if I experience discolored water?
Charlotte Water is committed to providing safe drinking water throughout Mecklenburg County. If you experience discolored or cloudy water, please run cold water until it clears. If it doesn't clear up within 15 minutes, please let us know by calling 311 or 704-336-7600 anytime.

Does my plumbing need to be replaced?
Just as pipes under the street have an end of service, so does private plumbing. Consider planning for the eventual replacement of plumbing that exceeds 50 years.

Does my plumbing need to be replaced? Where does my private plumbing start?
The property owner maintains the water pipe from the end of the meter box (including tailpiece) to building(s). The property owner is responsible for pipes and fixtures in the buildings and wastewater pipes until the edge of street or street right-of-way (varies). Charlotte Water maintains water meter up to and including the meter yoke assembly, meter box, and water and wastewater pipes under the public street.

Do I need a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)?
Water pressure is mostly due to an elevation of storage tanks relative to the elevation of your home. Higher water pressures are in geographically low points (near a creek). Customers may consider installing a PRV or having an existing PRV checked to protect home plumbing and appliances like an electrical surge protector protects computers and televisions.


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Image of construction going on next to a public street in a Charlotte neighborhood