Montclaire and Starmount Neighborhoods Water Main Service Project
Project phase


 Project updates

A contractor for Charlotte Water is replacing water service connections in the Montclare and Starmount neighborhoods. 

Streets include:

  1. Londonderry Road
  2. Seacroft Road
  3. Burnley Road
  4. Camborne Place
  5. Wensley Drive
  6. Tamworth Drive
  7. Emerywood Drive
  8. Keeling Place
  9. Ingleside Drive
  10. Farmbrook Drive
  11. Netherwood Drive
  12. Archdale Drive
  13. Springwood Lane
  14. Candlewood Drive
  15. Rosecrest Drive

Key Points

  • The contractor and staff will have proper identification.
  • No contractor or staff will need to enter any home.
  • Crews will check the meter inside the water meter box.
  • Customers don't need to be home.
  • If your meter box is inside a locked area or if you have large animals near the meter box, please call so we can schedule work with you.
  • Photobook of water and wastewater construction.
  • Video - What to expect during construction

​Project will enhance water quality and pressure.​

​Areas near construction will be notified before construction. There will be planned water outages to move customer’s service. Property owners will be notified in advance. If there is an unplanned water outage, crews will work to fix it immediately.​

​To be determined.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my private plumbing start?

The property owner maintains water pipe from the end of the meter box (including tailpiece) to building(s). The property owner is responsible for pipes and fixtures in the buildings and wastewater pipes until the edge of street or street right-of-way (varies). Charlotte Water maintains the water meter up to and including the meter yoke assembly, meter box, and water and wastewater pipes under the public street.

Does my plumbing need to be replaced?

Just as pipes under the street age and have an end of service, so does plumbing in your home. Consider planning for the eventual replacement of plumbing that exceeds 50 years.


 Project contacts

A Charlotte Water construction crew replacing an existing water pipe with a new one in a residential street.