McMullen Creek Tributary to Quail Hollow Wastewater System Improvements


Project phase


 Project updates

Charlotte Water is continuing fieldwork along McMullen Creek in the Quail Hollow neighborhood to evaluate the condition of the wastewater system and identify potential improvements that will enhance the future wastewater system in the area. 

This work is expected to be activated in two phases. Phase 1 area is north of Gleneagles Road, along McMullen Creek tributary between Rosemary Lane and Out of Bounds Drive. Construction for this phase began in November 2020 and is expected to take six to eight months to complete. The Phase 2 area follows McMullen Creek tributaries on the west side of Quail Hollow Club. Construction for this phase is expected to begin in summer 2021. Construction schedules are subject to change, due to weather and other conditions. 

Construction Schedule

Phase 1: November 2020

Phase 2: Summer 2021

The improvement project will enhance pipe performance, provide increased wastewater capacity for current and future customers and protect the water quality of McMullen Creek.

Charlotte Water holds public information meetings throughout the project to update area residents and businesses about the project and any proposed plans. Those within the project area will be contacted via mail when the next public meeting is scheduled.

Additionally, properties that will be directly affected will be contacted by TELICS, a sub-consultant to Charlotte Water, to discuss easement agreements. If you have already been contacted by TELICS and have additional questions regarding easements for this project, please contact Randy Hosch at More information on Charlotte Water's easement process can be found at

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