McAlpine Creek Wastewater Rehabilitation Project - Post Ridge Court to Smoke Tree Lane

Project phase


 Project updates

  • Construction start: TBD
  • Construction complete: TBD
  • Charlotte Water (CLTWater), Frazier Engineering, and a contractor will clean and add a new interior lining to a large wastewater pipe beside McAlpine Creek Post Ridge Court to Smoke Tree Lane.
  • Crews will reline (rehabilitate) wastewater pipe.
  • CLTWater and contractors are working with businesses to minimize disruption.
  • Charlotte Water fees (i.e. water bills) fund these improvement projects.
  • Updates will be posted on this website and Nextdoor.

What to Expect

  • Crews will clear the existing easement in preparation for the project.
  • Construction vehicles enter easement from Highway 51 and Johnston Road.
  • Crews will be on scaffolding installing a sock-like lining inside an existing pipe through manholes. The sock-like lining will require a large truck like photographed on the other side of the postcard. The sock-like pipe liner will extend the wastewater pipe's service life.
  • Black above-ground pipes will be installed to continue service to customers while wastewater pipes are temporarily out of service for relining.
    • If you see or suspect that wastewater is leaking out of the pipes, please call 311 or 704-336-7600 and say or select wastewater emergency.
  • Construction activities on school property will occur when the school is closed including possible weekend work.

There are no planned water or wastewater service disruptions for this project.  Any unplanned outages will be treated as emergencies and repaired immediately.

Customers shouldn't notice any odors from this project. During the actual relining process customers in the immediate area may smell a brief odor outside. If you smell odors in your building please pour a gallon of water into floor drains, toilets, and sinks.

All work will be on CLTWater easements or road right-of-ways. Customers will have access to driveways unless notified in advance. Street parking may be restricted when construction is in the immediate area.

​Crews clean inside wastewater pipes and install a sock-like lining inside an existing pipe through manholes to extend the use life of pipes. 

​Property owners will be notified in advance. CLTWater and contractors are working with businesses to minimize disruption.



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