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Wastewater from Long Creek and Paw Creek Basins is currently pumped about 27 miles via two pumping stations to McAlpine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Pineville.  For several decades, the area near where Long Creek empties into the Catawba River has been examined as the site of a new wastewater treatment plant.  In 2007, a wastewater master plan identified the need for additional wastewater capacity for the Charlotte Water system, including a new facility to serve the western portion of the county.  Work was initiated in 2007-2008 to find a collaborative, regional approach to wastewater treatment in the area. ​

The Long Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (LCWWTP) is planned to be a regional approach to wastewater treatment for not only Mecklenburg County, but for the Belmont and Mount Holly communities in Gaston County. Studies have indicated that this would be the most feasible and cost-efficient solution for wastewater treatment for the towns and western Mecklenburg County.  ​​

During the PER stage, Charlotte Water and their vendors will gather information related to the future sanitary sewer improvements. Work will include both aerial and ground surveys, updated wetlands delineation and geotechnical investigations. Surveyors will record topography and other data on roadways and private property. Geotechnical investigations will record soil and rock types and the depth of groundwater and rock.  The work should not disrupt the surrounding community greatly or effect ongoing activities.  If Charlotte Water determines that this project will have a direct impact on private property, that property will receive notification via mail as the project progresses.

​An estimated project cost will be determined in the PER.  This cost will be determined with further clarity during the detailed design phase.  ​

Project status

The Long Creek Regional WWTP is currently in the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) stage. Work in this stage includes preliminary pipeline routing from both Belmont and Mt. Holly, preliminary treatment process evaluation and preliminary site layout.  This stage is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2017. Following the PER stage, Charlotte Water will solicit professional design engineers for detailed design services.  It is anticipated that the plant and related facilities will be designed using the Design-Build delivery method.  

Charlotte Water is currently pursuing the NPDES permit application process with NCDEQ, as well as related permit modifications for ReVenture, Belmont and Mount Holly. Charlotte Water and the neighboring towns of Belmont and Mount Holly are also working together to create detailed regional agreements for wastewater treatment services at the Long Creek Regional WWTP.


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