Little Hope Creek Wastewater Improvement Project


Project phase


 Project updates

Charlotte Water is conducting work for a wastewater replacement project that will enhance wastewater service for customers in the Little Hope Creek basin, primarily in the Sedgefield and Madison Park neighborhoods. The project will:

  • Improve service
  • Reduce risk for sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs)
  • Protect water quality in the creek
  • Replace approximately 30,000 linear feet of wastewater pipe
  • Replace the existing wastewater pipeline that currently ranges from 8-inch to 24-inch in diameter to 12-inch to 36-inch in diameter

The project is expected to be activated in three phases (see map)

Estimated Schedule

  • Planning
    • Ongoing
  • Design/Permitting
    • Ongoing
  • Property Easement Acquisition
    • Phase 1 – Complete
    • Phase 2 – Ongoing
    • Phase 3 – Ongoing
  • Construction
    • Phase 1
      • Design complete; construction underway
    • Phase 2
      • Design complete; construction expected to begin March 2022
    • Phase 3
      • Design in progress; construction expected to begin late 2023/early 2024
  • Warranty Inspection
    • TBD

This is a map for the Little Hope Creek Project showing the location of the three phases of construction as well as the creek.

The area serviced by the existing wastewater pipeline is experiencing a high rate of development and cannot accommodate projected growth. A new, larger pipe is required to serve customers.

Properties that will be directly affected by construction will be contacted to discuss easement agreements. Areas near construction will be notified before construction. ​​​

Charlotte Water holds public information meetings throughout the project to update area residents and businesses about the project and any proposed plans. Those within the project area will be contacted via mail when the next public meeting is scheduled. 

We are now offering text alert notifications for those interested in receiving up-to-date information throughout the project. To sign up for these alerts, text "littlehopecreek" to 844-753-0614.

Estimated $50 million