Kuykendall Road Improvements
Project phase


 Project updates

​This project will add new sidewalk along the west side of Kuykendall Road from Thorn Blade Drive to McKee Road where there is no existing sidewalk. It will also add a right turn lane on Kuykendell Road to McKee Road.

  • ​To increase connectivity

  • To improve pedestrian safety

  • To alleviate traffic congestion at the intersection of Kuykendall Road and McKee Road

With direction from Charlotte City Council, project teams seek input from the community in order to build better projects and provide better services. Often, this input comes from the public involvement process used when building capital projects. Neighborhood public meetings are conducted by project teams and consultants in order to solicit ideas from nearby businesses and residents affected by the project and identify their concerns. Upcoming meetings will be posted on the project web page, and affected residents will receive a postcard in the mail.

$4.6 million
This project will be funded through the
South Charlotte Reinvestment Program and Charlotte Department of Transportation's Congestion Mitigation Program.

 Project FAQs

​The proposed sidewalk will tie to the existing sidewalk approximately 140 feet north of Drayton Hall Lane, which connects to St. Nektarious Greek Orthodx Church. 

​A crosswalk and pedestrian signal will be installed at the intersection of McKee Road and Kuykendall Road. 

​The funding allocated for this project will allow us to install sidewalk from McKee Road to Drayton Hall Lane. This funding will cover the design, real estate, and construction phase for this portion of Kuykendall Road. Following the completion of this project, the remaining section of Kuykendall Road will continue to be evaluated against the other thoroughfares in the City of Charlotte and evaluated for future funding. 

Three to five years is a typical range for City of Charlotte sidewalk projects. This timeframe includes survey and design phases, as well as right-of-way acquisition, utility relocations and construction. 


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