Irvins Creek Tributary Wastewater Improvement Project


Project phase


 Project updates

  • This project will alleviate wastewater capacity needs identified through Charlotte Water's Capacity Assurance Program.
  • The current pipe is 8-inches in diameter and replacement pipe is anticipated to be 24 inches.
  • Irvins Creek Tributary Trunk Line project will create a larger receiving wastewater pipe for both a proposed regional wastewater lift station, as well as increasing proposed development demand in Mint Hill.
  • This project is anticipated to be activated by the end of 2019. Utilizing a Progressive Design-Build project delivery method will allow Charlotte Water to work collaboratively with the Design-Build team and complete the project in a shorter timeframe than a traditional delivery method project.
  • ​Crews will tunnel under Matthews-Mint Hill Road (Highway 51).
  • ​​Lane closures will be announced in advance.​


Phase                                                                                      End Date

Planning                                                                                 December 2017
Design/Permitting                                                                Summer 2018​
Property Easement Acquisition (Real Estate)                  Summer/Fall 2018
Bid                                                                                          September-October 2018 
Construction                                                                         First Quarter 2019 - Third Quarter 2019
Warranty                                                                               1 year following construction completion​

Other Area Projects in the Design Phase:

Stevens Creek and Goose Creek Water and Wastewater Improvement ProjectsThis project includes the construction of a new wastewater lift station that will serve the Stevens Creek and Goose Creek basins in Mint Hill.  ​

Stevens Creek Trunk Sewer Phase 2 - This project will extend a portion of Stevens Creek Trunk Sewer Phase 1, further upstream.  It will also decommission two existing neighborhood lift stations improving system reliability and reducing maintenance costs.  The Cheval Lift Station and the Mint Hill Commons Lift Station will be taken offline once the pipeline is activated.

​Properties that will be directly affected by construction will be contacted to discuss easement agreements. Areas near construction will be notified before construction.​​

​Construction is estimated at $1.5 million.


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