Idlewild Road Water Supply Project
Project phase


 Project updates

  • The project is to provide additional drinking water capacity. A new large water main will be installed between the elevated water storage tank on Craig Avenue, and another large water main in Monroe Road.
  • In order to address aging water main pipes and meet the needs of the community to ensure ongoing, reliable service for our customers, Charlotte Water (CLT Water) needs to evaluate and possibly replace pipes providing service to the immediate area.  
  • Updates will be posted on this site and on NextDoor.

What to expect:

  • During the current Preliminary Planning and Design phase, work includes determining water capacity improvement needs, preparation of the construction drawings, and permits for construction. During this phase, workers will look to verify previously marked underground utility locations, conduct field surveying as needed, and minimal site visits by project engineers and contractors.  
  • This stage may require some traffic control to allow workers to safely evaluate and gather on-site information for the project. 

Upcoming anticipated work:

  • If easements are needed, any property owners involved in easement acquisition will be contacted by mail by a real estate subcontractor for Charlotte Water.
  • Limited clearing is expected in road right-of-ways and at proposed easements to support survey, environmental sampling, utility location, and geotechnical exploration. Clearing is anticipated to be a combination of manual and/or mechanical clearing to allow ground personnel, vacuum trucks, and drilling equipment to access required areas. The design-build team will work with property owners and keep clearing as minimal as possible.

Project duration: An estimated 12 months for investigation and design.

Schedule: The planning, design, and permitting phase of work is expected to conclude in July 2021, with construction expected to begin shortly after.

  • The project is to provide additional drinking water capacity.
  • Construction costs to be determined as a part of the planning and design phase of work. 



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