​Facilities projects

Engineering & Property Management provides construction administration and management of all City-owned and -financed building projects such as the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Time Warner Cable Arena, Discovery Place, police and fire stations and other government-owned facilities. Consultants and contractors perform the design and construction of the buildings under the supervision of project managers, ensuring that projects and schedules are maintained. A team of engineers is currently working on new fire stations and police stations.​

Active facilities projects with web pages

​Other active facilities projects

A new Central Division police station to be located at the intersection of 5th and 6th streets. This station will replace the station that is currently leased.

A new Hickory Grove Division police station located at 7035 Albemarle Road

Interior renovations to two to three spaces to accommodate new exhibits

Expansion and renovations of existing fire stations, including exercise rooms, new locker rooms, new toilets and captain quarters. 

Capital improvements, repairs and upgrades to approximately 15 locations within the arena. Major and minor interior refinishes to hospitality areas, concourse flooring, restrooms and seating. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, lighting and energy upgrades are also planned. All work will occur over a five-year period.