Dwight Evans Road Wastewater Pipe Project


Project phase


 Project updates

  • Charlotte Water will extend the wastewater pipe beside an Irwin Creek Tributary to Dwight Evans Road (between 1001 Pressley Road and 4700 Dwight Evans Road).
  • Dwight Evans Road may be temporarily closed and motorist detoured when construction is under Dwight Evans Road. Customers will be notified via door hanger, Nextdoor, and email.
  • The project includes restoration of affected areas including sidewalks and roadways.
  • Updates will be posted on this website and NextDoor.
  • Lane closures may be required daily in coordination with CDOT. CLTWater works with CDOT and NCDOT to minimize traffic disruption. CDOT permitted road closures are posted here.
  • Normal work hours:
    • 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday OR 
    • ​The contractor may work at night or on weekends, dependent upon needed tie-in work or inclement weather


Phase                                                                                                                   End Date

Planning                                                                                                              Complete
Design/Permitting                                                                                             Complete
Property Easement Acquisition (Real Estate)                                               Complete
Construction                                                                                                       October -November
Warranty                                                                                                             November 2019 ​

​Extend service to a customer on Dwight Evans Road.

​Properties that will be directly affected by construction will be contacted to discuss easement agreements. Areas near construction will be notified before construction. ​

​To be determined.​​


 Project contacts