​Dilworth Road - Romany Road intersection improvements project

In addition, Dilworth Road West and Dilworth Road East intersection will be re-aligned reducing pedestrian crossing distances and providing larger planting strip and sidewalk.

Dilworth-Romany Road Intersection Improvements 

​Dilworth Road East / Romany Road / Dilworth Road Intersection Improvements:

  • Reduce Dilworth Road pedestrian crossing distance
  • Remove southbound right-turn lane & reduce turning vehicle speed with smaller radius
  • Improve ramp alignments and upgrade non-ADA ramps
  • Provide pedestrian Dilworth Road East pedestrian refuge island

Dilworth Road West and Dilworth Road East Intersection Improvements:

  • Consolidate Dilworth Road West inbound movements at Dilworth Road East intersection
  • Construct additional ramps for pedestrians crossing Dilworth Road West leaving/entering park
  • Construct south ramps crossing Dilworth Road East
  • Convert type 3 Meck Park driveway to a modified type 2 or tighten up driveway radius reducing pedestrian crossing distance