​Dilworth Road - Romany Road intersection improvements project

This intersection improvement project is part of the overall Kenilworth / Romany Storm Drainage Improvement project by Storm Water Services. The intersection improvements consist of reducing the large intersection radius to shorten pedestrian and bicyclist crossing distances. The reduced radius will slow vehicular turning movements speeds. The intersection accessible ramps will better align pedestrians across the street. ​​​

In addition, Dilworth Road West and Dilworth Road East intersection will be re-aligned reducing pedestrian crossing distances and providing larger planting strip and sidewalk.

Dilworth-Romany Road Intersection Improvements 

​Dilworth Road East / Romany Road / Dilworth Road Intersection Improvements:

  • Reduce Dilworth Road pedestrian crossing distance
  • Remove southbound right-turn lane & reduce turning vehicle speed with smaller radius
  • Improve ramp alignments and upgrade non-ADA ramps
  • Provide pedestrian Dilworth Road East pedestrian refuge island

Dilworth Road West and Dilworth Road East Intersection Improvements:

  • Consolidate Dilworth Road West inbound movements at Dilworth Road East intersection
  • Construct additional ramps for pedestrians crossing Dilworth Road West leaving/entering park
  • Construct south ramps crossing Dilworth Road East
  • Convert type 3 Meck Park driveway to a modified type 2 or tighten up driveway radius reducing pedestrian crossing distance