Davidson Pointe Water Main Transition
Project phase


 Project updates

  • This Charlotte Water (CLTWater) project will connect the Davidson Pointe neighborhood to the Charlotte Water system, providing clean, water service. The existing connection to the community well will be removed.
  • This connection to the Charlotte Water System will enhance fire protection within the community
  • Updates will be posted periodically on this website.

Additional Information
Water Quality
  • Our top priority is making sure that the water you use to wash your hands, bathe yourself and your children, and prepare healthy meals is safe, clean, and reliable.
  • Charlotte Water is excited to announce that for another year our drinking water meets and exceeds state and federal drinking water standards, with zero water quality violations.
  • Our scientists and water quality professionals perform more than 175,000 tests per year on regulated and unregulated contaminants.
  • Charlotte drinking water quality information can be found on the Charlotte Water website. Charlotte Water customers are mailed the annual Drinking Water Quality Reportwhich is an overview of the more detailed annual Consumer Confidence Report
Lawn Irrigation Systems at Davidson Pointe
  • During a survey of Davidson Pointe, it was discovered that there were below-ground irrigation systems operating on the water system. Below-ground irrigation systems will have buried water lines either in the soil or under mulch along with pop-up irrigation heads. Soaker hoses and drip irrigation would also qualify as below-ground irrigation systems.  Many of the observed irrigation systems are without backflow prevention, and many systems are connected to hose bibs.
  • Below-ground lawn irrigation systems require a reduced pressure principle assembly/backflow prevention assembly, installed above ground. This is a requirement for irrigation systems connected to a hose bib or hard-lined to the domestic system. Additionally, backflow prevention assemblies require annual testing results to be submitted to Charlotte Water within 45 days of the transfer. This can be accomplished by the homeowner contacting an approved backflow tester.
  • Unprotected irrigation systems (i.e., those with no backflow protection) can impact public health and safe drinking water. As such, there is no "grandfathering" of the existing irrigation systems.
  • If you own one of these irrigation systems, you will need to come into compliance prior to being connected to the Charlotte Water system or you need to remove these underground connections permanently.
  • More information about irrigation systems and backflow assembly requirements can be found on the Charlotte Water website. 
Service Line Protection/Homeserve
  • Charlotte Water has partnered with HomeServe USA to offer a Service Line Protection Plan to eliminate the high cost and stress of unexpected repairs to water and sewer lines.

  • To provide the residents of the Davidson Pointe neighborhood the same level of service as others within the larger Davidson Community.
  • Enhance fire protection by adding new Fire Hydrants to the existing water network in the neighborhood that is replacing the on-site tank and pond/dry hydrant system.

During this transitional period, Charlotte Water will regularly update residents on how to prepare for the transition.

Monday, November 14 AT 6:00 PM

Join us at Ada Jenkins Center 212 Gamble St. Davidson, NC 28036 to meet the project team and hear more about the project transition plan and what residents can expect.

Water Main Transition Update - Meeting Monday Nov 14 at 6:00 pm at Ada Jenkins Center 212 Gamble St. Davidson NC

Project updates and transition information will be posted to this website as our work progresses. For questions regarding the transition, including account setup, or updating existing acount information, please reach out to the project contacts.

​An estimated $150,000