North Davidson Street and Jordan Place Intersection
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​This project originated from the Northeast Corridor Infrastructure planning efforts with the community. Planned improvements to the intersection of North Davidson and Jordan Place will enahance safety and improve accessibility for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists traveling to the 25th Street LYNX Blue Line station. Potential improvements include high-visibility crosswalks, shorter crossing distances, pedestrian signals, ADA-accessible ramps and a pedestrian refuge island.

  • ​To improve accessibility by providing pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular connections to LYNX Blue Line stations

  • To promote economic development by providing infrastructure to support and encourage transit-oriented development

  • To create a direct link between the Villa Heights neighborhood and the 25th Street LYNX Blue Line station

With direction from Charlotte City Council, project teams seek input from the community in order to build better projects and provide better services. Often, this input comes from the public involvement process used when building capital projects. Neighborhood public meetings are conducted by project teams and consultants in order to solicit ideas from nearby businesses and residents affected by the project and identify their concerns. Upcoming meetings will be posted on this page, on the Citywide Projects Portal and on the Citywide events calendar.

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​​​​​​The Capital Investment Plan approved by City Council in 2013 calls for voters to consider approval of funding for a number of infrastructure programs. Voters approved bond financing in 2014, 2016 and 2018 and will vote on further bond financing in 2020. For this project, City staff engages the community to determine the details of what will ultimately be built. Once these details are known, the cost of the project is estimated and published. Learn more about the Capital Investment Plan at​


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North Davidson Street and Jordan Avenue intersection vicinity map