Clarke Creek Pump Station and Force Main Project
Project phase


 Project updates

  • CLT Water treats raw water drawn from the Catawba River Basin and distributes treated drinking water to customers within Mecklenburg County and surrounding regions.

  • Wastewater generated from portions of Northeastern Mecklenburg County currently flow to the WSACC treatment plant. Due to dramatic increases in development in the area, CLT Water has reached its contractual limit for the amount of flow it can send to WSACC. CLT intends to pump a portion of the flow out of the basin which would allow for new development to continue.

  • CLT Water is commencing construction the construction of a new Clarke Creek Pumping Station and Force Main, which would involve a new pumping station located behind Metrolina Greenhouses, to divert a portion of Clarke Creek Basin flows to the McDowell Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant located in northwestern Mecklenburg County.

What To Expect

  • Surveying: Field personnel will continue walking the project route surveying the area.

  • Easement Acquisition: Property owners along the pipeline alignment will be contacted about the need for Charlotte Water to acquire a utility easement through their property to allow installation of the proposed buried sewer pipe.

  • Construction: Work at the Pump Station site began in December 2022. Pipe installation will begin February 2023 along the force main alignment shown above.


  • Easement Acquisition: Fall 2022 – Spring 2023

  • Construction: December 2022 – September 2024

  • The goal of the project is to provide an increase of 1 million gallons per day in sanitary sewer capacity to address current and projected sewer within the WSACC service area.
  • Surveying: If field personnel need to go on private property, property owners will be notified by letter at least two weeks prior to the initial site walk. Prior to construction, any property owner within 500 feet of the project line will receive notification.

  • Website: The project page will be updated on the Charlotte Water website with information throughout the duration of the project. Updates will be added at least every 3 months as the project progresses. Any materials which are mailed or distributed will also be posted to this website.

  • Direct Mailers: Mailers will be distributed to all immediate area residents and businesses prior to construction work taking place.

  • Social Media/NextDoor: Posts with graphics will be drafted for distribution on the Charlotte Water channels in advance of construction beginning.

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