Carolina Place Mall Area Wastewater Pipe Rehabilitation Project

Project phase


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·         Charlotte Water (CLTWater), Frazier Engineering, and a contractor will clean and add a new interior lining to a large wastewater pipe under Carolina Place Mall area parking lots.

  • Schedule:

o    Spring 2021 through Summer – crews will deliver heavy equipment, inspect the wastewater pipe, and install a temporary above ground pipe.

o    Summer through Fall 2021– crews will install the new interior lining.

o    Fall 2021 – crews will complete work and restore the area.

  • Crews will reline (rehabilitate) approximately 2,700 linear feet of 78-inch diameter pipe.

·         You will see construction activity in the old Toys R Us parking lot (11300 Carolina Pl. Pkwy, Pineville) and Park Road (between I-485 and Carolina Place Pkwy at the greenway).

  • The greenway along near Park Road will be partially closed during part of the construction project. Crews will keep the greenway open as much as possible.
  • Three black above-ground pipes will be installed along the property line to continue service to customers.
    • If you see or suspect any wastewater is leaking out of the pipes, please call 311 or 704-336-7600 and say or select wastewater emergency.
    • Part of the above-ground pipes will be bridged over Carolina Place Pkwy.
  • Crews will be on scaffolding installing a sock-like lining inside an existing pipe through manholes. The sock-like lining will require a large tractor-trailer size truck and additional heavy equipment. The sock-like liner will extend the wastewater pipe's service life minimizing construction in the area.
  • Odors
    • Customers shouldn't notice any odors from this project.
    • During the actual relining process customers in the immediate area may smell a brief odor outside. The odor may smell more like glue than sewer.
    • If you smell odors in your building please pour a gallon of water into floor drains, toilets, and sinks.
  • For your safety, do not enter the construction zone or the cleared easement beside the creek. Pedestrians are not allowed in these areas or anywhere on the construction site.
  • Work will be on existing easements and right-of-ways.
  • Customers will have access to driveways.
  • CLTWater and contractors are working with businesses to minimize disruption.
  • Updates will be posted on this website and Nextdoor.
  • Crews clean inside wastewater pipes and install a sock-like lining inside an existing pipe through manholes to extend the use life of pipes. 
  • Property owners will be notified in advance. CLTWater and contractors are working with businesses to minimize disruption.

Estimated $5.5 million  


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