Bryant Farms Road Extension - Phase 2

​from Rea Road to Ardrey Kell Road

Project phase


 Project updates

​This project is the second phase of the Bryant Farms Road Extension project that will complete the connection from Elm Lane to Ardrey Kell Road. This extension will provide an alternate east-west route parallel to Ballantyne Commons Parkway and will help alleviate increasing traffic congestion in this rapidly growing area.

The Phase 2 project will extend Bryant Farms Road by approximately 1.25 miles from Rea Road to Ardrey Kell Road. It will also improve the intersection of Tom Short Road and Bryant Farms Road.

The project will include pedestrian and bike facilities, curb & gutter, a planting strip, street lights and landscape buffers in selected areas. 

  • ​To help alleviate traffic congestion

  • To increase connectivity

  • To provide safe, alternative transportation choices for bicyclists and pedestrians

​During the planning and design phase, the project team will host public meetings to get community feedback and present design options. The first public meeting for this project was held virtually on Oct. 28, 2021. View the recording on YouTube

​To be determined
Funding is currently available for advance planning only. Future funding is to be determined.

 Project FAQs

​Phase 2 is not currently funded for design and construction.  The city will provide additional information regarding the schedule once funding is approved for design and construction.   

​The city is currently working through the traffic analysis and having discussions with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). We will provide more complete information after further coordination has occurred with NCDOT.

​During the design process, the project team will look at the following items, including, but not limited to geotechnical design, street/pedestrian lighting, environmental impacts, storm drainage design, temporary and permanent easements, in addition to impacts of existing features such as trees and sidewalks.

​The typical section for will be similar to Phase 1, with two 11-foot-wide travel lanes, curb and gutter, 8-foot-wide planting strip and a 12-foot-wide multiuse path on both sides. The speed limit will be 35 miles per hour.

Bryant Farms Extension Phase 2 graphic of a typical cross section, which includes a 12-foot-wide multiuse path, 8-foot-wide planting strip, 2.5 feet of curb and gutter,  and an 11-foot-wide travel on each side, with a 0 to 10-foot-wide turn lane or median in the middle

Bryant Farms Extension Phase 2 map


 Project contacts

Erin Pratt, P.E.
Senior Engineer
Charlotte Department of Transportation


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