Belmont and Optimist Park Wastewater Pipe Replacement


Project phase


 Project updates

Contractors for Charlotte Water will begin the second phase of construction work for a wastewater pipe replacement project in the Belmont/Optimist Park neighborhoods. Beginning in January, crews will begin at Alexander Street at Belmont Avenue and work along the Hunter Auto & Wrecker property.


  • Construction started October 2018.
  • Crews started at Belmont Avenue near Myers Street and work toward Alexander StreetPipe installation in this immediate area takes three months. Once the pipe is installed along Belmont Avenue, crews will continue laying pipe across Hunter Auto and Wrecker property and tunneling under N. Davidson Street.
  • Construction schedules are subject to change, due to weather and other conditions. 
  • Completion: December 2020

What to Expect

  • Detours around work area – Motorists should follow all traffic control signs and use Seigle Avenue, 17th Street, and N. Davidson Street to detour around the work.
  • Moving equipment on site – Crews will move construction equipment and materials to easements along the project site as tunnel construction begins.
  • Pipe delivery and storage – Pipe is delivered and stored within the construction easements.
  • Establishing a safe work zone – Fencing will be installed and pipe will be stabilized to prevent it from moving.
  • Trench digging
  • Placing pipe and backfilling
  • Customers May Feel a Rumble – Crews may remove rock formations by use of small blasting. Areas along the alignment where blasting is required will be determined shortly after site clearing and residents within 500 feet radius of the blasting sites will be contacted further. Blasting is a standard construction procedure in which holes are drilled into the rock for dynamite placement and covered with heavy mats. A seismograph monitor records blast vibrations to verify they are within specifications. All safety precautions will be taken. Customers may hear a warning horn, a muffled noise, and slight vibration or rumble similar to a slammed door or thunder,
  • Construction traffic along the alignment, within the easements.

  • This project will alleviate wastewater capacity needs identified through Charlotte Water's Capacity Assurance Program.
  • The current pipe is 8-inch to 15-inch in diameter and replacement pipe may be 12-inch to 30-inch- in diameter.
  • This project is anticipated to be activated by the mid-2019. Utilizing a Progressive Design-Build project delivery method will allow Charlotte Water to work collaboratively with the Design-Build team.

​Properties that will be directly affected by construction will be contacted to discuss easement agreements. Areas near construction will be notified before construction. ​

Estimated $12 Million