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The Stowe Regional WRRF is scheduled for completion in 2026. Charlotte Water is carefully going through each project phase to ensure delivery of the most efficient treatment facility for our community.


To see the final vision come to life, the construction of this project will happen in three key stages.

  • The first stage to be constructed is the pumping facilities to bring the Mount Holly wastewater flows to the existing Long Creek pumping station. The team to design and build this facility was selected in early 2019 and construction began in early 2022. 
  • The second stage is the construction of Stowe Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility. Selection of the design and construction team for the wastewater facility was selected in early 2020 and construction began in spring 2022.
  • The third stage is the construction of the pumping facilities to bring Belmont wastewater flows to Charlotte Water facilities.  These pumping facilities are planned to have construction completion coincide with the completion of the Stowe Regional WRRF.  
  • Charlotte Water will implement state-of-the-art technologies in the new facility, treating wastewater more efficiently than the facilities it replaces.