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Additional Resources

Airport/West Corridor map Airport/West Corridor map
Applied Innovation Corridor Applied Innovation Corridor
Bridges over I-85 (map) Bridges over I-85 (map)
Central/Albemarle/Shamrock CNIP Central/Albemarle/Shamrock CNIP
Charlotte Douglas International Airport freigh intermodal facility Charlotte Douglas International Airport freigh intermodal facility
Charlotte Future Charlotte Future
CityLYNX Gold Line CityLYNX Gold Line
Community Investment Plan Community Investment Plan
Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program (CNIP) Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program (CNIP)
Construction FAQs Construction FAQs
Cross Charlotte Trail (XCLT) Cross Charlotte Trail (XCLT)
Dixie-Berryhill area plan Dixie-Berryhill area plan
East/Southeast Corridor map East/Southeast Corridor map
Elizabeth Area Plan Elizabeth Area Plan
History of Potter Road History of Potter Road
How successful roundabouts function How successful roundabouts function
Independence Boulevard Area Plan Independence Boulevard Area Plan
Independence Boulevard road widening (NCDOT) Independence Boulevard road widening (NCDOT)
J.W. Clay Boulevard streetscape J.W. Clay Boulevard streetscape
LYNX Blue Line Extension (BLE) LYNX Blue Line Extension (BLE)
LYNX Blue Line Extension Transit Station Area Plans LYNX Blue Line Extension Transit Station Area Plans
Maintenance facilities map Maintenance facilities map
Martin Luther King Park Martin Luther King Park
McCullough Drive streetscape McCullough Drive streetscape
Northeast Corridor Infrastructure Improvement Program (NECI) Northeast Corridor Infrastructure Improvement Program (NECI)
Plaza Central pedscape plan Plaza Central pedscape plan
Prosperity Hucks Area Plan Prosperity Hucks Area Plan
Request street humps Request street humps
Rezoning petitio 2014-119 Rezoning petitio 2014-119
Rezoning petition 2010-056 Rezoning petition 2010-056
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