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Don't mess with Bambi

Don’t mess with Bambi!


“Look, but don’t touch.” That’s the message Animal Care and Control has for people who find a fawn without its mother.

The city is receiving a LOT of calls about fawns that are believed to be abandoned by their mothers.  The reality is that mothers often leave fawns hidden for hours, usually in thick vegetation, as the mothers search for food.

Fawns are not as helpless as they may appear. By the time fawns are five days old, they can outrun a human. At 6 to 10 weeks of age, fawns can escape most predators.  So please leave them in their special spot the mother has chosen for them, unless they are injured or in harm’s way!

If no mother returns after 24 hours, only then should you call 311 for assistance.  Jody Owens with the NC Wildlife Commission, offers this advice, “If you do take a fawn out of the wild, as we know people do sometimes, and it has been less than 48 hours, please take it back to where you found it, a doe will usually try to find her missing fawn for about 48 hours before she gives up. If more than 48 hours have passed, or you have tried to feed the fawn, contact a local, licensed fawn rehabilitator as soon as possible.”

Keep in mind, it is illegal to take fawns and most wildlife from their natural habitat to keep as pets. For more information about co-existing with wildlife, visit the Commission’s Tips on Co-Existing with Wildlife page.

Photo Credit: Jeff Hall​