Past Mayors

Charlotte's Mayors 1870-1890

In 1870 Charlotte was recovering from the effects of the Civil War and the Reconstruction period. Over the next twenty years, Charlotte would play an increasingly important role in the area economy.

During this period, Charlotte's first Chamber of Commerce was established, telephone service came to the city, an official Fire Department as part of City government was established, and the Charlotte News began afternoon publication. Find out what happened during the administration of each of the following Charlotte mayors:

John A. Young 1871-1873
William F. Davidson 1873-1875
William Johnston 1875-1878 and 1884-1887
B. R. Smith 1878-1879
Frank I. Osborne 1879-1880
F.S. DeWolfe 1880-1883
W.C. Maxwell 1883-1884
F.Brevard McDowell 1887-1891