Past Mayors

Charlotte's Past Mayors

Discover Charlotte's history. Search through past mayors to find interesting facts about Charlotte, its landmarks and Charlotte's growing importance as a national and international city.

View a full list of Charlotte's past mayors from 1862 to present​ (updated December 7, 2015)

Charlotte's and the region's population more than doubled during the this period with the city becoming a major national center with ties to the global market. Charlotte mayors from 1960 to the present.

In the years of World War II and following, Charlotte blossomed as a regional center for commerce and trade. Charlotte mayors from 1940-1960.

Following the first World War the city changed the way it did business with its citizens. Charlotte mayors from 1920-1940.


As Charlotte entered the 20th century the area had begun to grow and to take her place as a major distribution and finance center. Charlotte mayors from 1890-1920.

Even through the post-Civil War reconstruction era, Charlotte played an increasingly important role in the area's economy. Charlotte mayors from 1870-1890.

Charlotte was just beginning to emerge as a regional community when gold was discovered prior to the Civil War. Charlotte mayors from 1850-1870.