Past Mayors

Charlotte's Mayors 1920-1940

In 1920 when John Wilson became Mayor of Charlotte, the country was just coming out of World War I and getting into swing with the Roarin' Twenties. Much of Charlotte's growth occurred during the period between the two World Wars, 1920 to 1940.

During this time radio made its first appearance in the Queen City, the City Hall building at 600 E. Trade Street was built, the Federal Reserve opened its doors in uptown and the Charlotte Symphony was organized. Find out what happened during the administration of each of the following Charlotte mayors:

John M. Wilson 1920-1921
James O. Walker 1921-1924
Harvey W. Moore 1924-1926
David M. Abernathy 1926-1927
F. Marion Redd 1927-1929
George E. Wilson, Jr. 1929-1931
Charles E. Lambeth 1931-1933
Arthur E. Wearn 1933-1935
Ben E. Douglas 1935-1941